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Separate Numeric KeypadsSeparate numeric keypads are the perfect companion to mini keyboards or other keyboards without numeric keys. Because they're separate, they are easily placed out of the way when they're not being used. Moreover, it's possible to alternate between using the keypad with the left and right hands, making it more comfortable to use and thus heightening productivity.

Why use a separate numeric keypad?

Most ergonomic keyboards and mini keyboards have no in-built numeric keypad, which keeps the distance to reach the mouse to a minimum and allows the use to type within the shoulder-line. This greatly reduces the risk of RSI/KANS because the shoulder are forearms don't get stressed. And, of course, keyboards without a built-in numeric keypad are more portable.

But sometimes it's very handy to have a numeric keypad and for those in finance or administration, it's essential. The separate numeric keypad is a good solution in these cases. They offer the convenience of a numeric keypad while still allowing the user to work ergonomically.

Selection of numeric keypads

Ergo2Work offers a wide selection of numeric keypads that are perfect in combination with our ergonomic keyboards and mini keyboards. They are very compact and you can decide where you want to place it, thus creating the desk that's ergonomically ideal for you.

The S-board numeryczna keypad goes very well with the S-board keyboard. It's very light and compact, which makes it easy to carry around with you. It has no less than 26 keys and a laptop-key feel. In addition, it has a calculator function. The S-board Numeric Keypad has a USB cable that can be rolled up and it works plug & play.

We also offer the black Goldtouch numeric keypad and the white Goldtouch numeric keypad. These numeric keypads are intended for use with the Goldtouch keyboards, but can also be used with other keyboards. Both the black and white keypads have a USB cable of one metre for connecting to the computer.

For those with visual or motor problems, the with large keys is very suitable. The large keys with their large letters give good contract for better visibility.

If you have questions or need advice on our keyboards, just contact us and we'll be glad to help.
R-Go Break Numeric KeypadR-Go Break Numeric Keypad
202,12  excl. VAT202,12  incl. VAT200.193
Ultra flat numeric keypad with pause indicator. Easy to operate with the left or right hand. Can be used alone or with the R-Go Compact Break keyboard (US).
S-board numerycznaS-board numeryczna
305,38  excl. VAT305,38  incl. VAT200.0402 in stock
Bardzo ładna klawiatura numeryczna pasująca do klawiatury S-board 840. Z funkcją kalkulatora.
Klawiatura numeryczna Goldtouch CzarnaKlawiatura numeryczna Goldtouch Czarna
426,69  excl. VAT426,69  incl. VAT200.0183 in stock
Numeryczna część,należy razem do Goldtouch ergonomicznej czarnej klawiatury.USB podłączenie.
Goldtouch numeryczna klawiatura USB, BiałaGoldtouch numeryczna klawiatura USB, Biała
426,69  excl. VAT426,69  incl. VAT200.0361 in stock
Numeryczna część,należy razem do Goldtouch ergonomicznej czarnej klawiatury.USB podłączenie.